Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vintage Sewing and Everything You Should Own

I seriously think I was born in the wrong era!  And, I think I may be getting in tune with my hidden hygge, because this weekend I've been finding comfort in old things.

And, feeling a bit like Amelie when she finds the hidden box behind the tile in her bathroom. Although I didn't find this hidden in a secret place, it would've been cool if I had.

 No, this wasn't as romantic as Amelie's find this was purchased on Ebay I'm afraid and what makes it even better? I haggled the price down, way down, quite a lot. Now, I would like to show you what is in the box but I'm going to be mean and save it for another post. All I will say is, yes it is a craft tin and yes it's full and just as an added teaser, it contains postal letters with a 1d stamp. The Queen's head is present on the stamp, so I guess the letters are from around the 1950's, 54 perhaps.

My second haggle of the day was....this!

A beautiful Singer 99k Hand Crank Machine. Isn't she just beautiful?  I've longed for a Vintage Singer Machine for an extremely long time, and when I saw this baby, I knew she had to be mine. Any sewer will tell you that their world is not complete until they have at least one or a couple of vintage machines in their possession. So, now that I have mine I can safely say no more machine purchases will be made by this little squirrel in the future.  I'm quite content with my lot, for now, thank you.

Well, what a weekend. I just feel like my little hygge world is starting to blossom with these Vintage pieces, not the purchases but the history these items hold and who they belonged to before me.  If only they could talk. I wonder what they would say?

xoxo xoxo


  1. What beautiful treasures you have found xx I would love to know the history of things, fascinating stuff. We are selling our house at the moment and the deeds to the property hold a little glimpse in to who once lived here, amazing history.

  2. Thank you faith76. Nothing better than finding out the history of items or even buildings. I've always wanted to live somewhere with a bit of character. Oh, and especially one with a secret room or lever to a passageway.

  3. That Singer is amazing! I was messing around with mine last night, but the thread tension was being difficult. Happy sewing with yours. The tin is lovely, and I shall look forward to seeing what's in it!


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