Sunday, February 05, 2017

Habits of a Crafter

Only ten more sleeps until the Scheepjes Hygge Cal begins and I'm so excited for it to start. I even purchased some new scissors and two new hooks. A Tulip Etimo Rose hook and a Tulip Etimo Gold Softgrip hook. I just couldn't decide which one to buy, so, I bought both. Eeekkk!

Last week I showed off the Pastel Scheepjes Hygge box. I have to confess that I bought this box because I couldn't get my hands on the Rainbow one,  and I so desperately wanted to start when everyone else did. Well, someone put a post up on Facebook that Deramores were selling the kit and look what jumped into my shopping cart. Yip the Rainbow kit. Ooopps! But, just look at the lovely squishy colours. I know! I know! There is just no hope for me.  It is beautiful, though!

Anyway, let's move swiftly along.

Last week I announced that I was going to open the second box of sewing bits.  This is the second vintage box purchase I've made since January 2017 (see the previous post). This tin isn't as varied as the last one, but the contents are still good. The overall condition of the tin is good, the metal has no rust, but it does feel flimsier than the last tin.  Let's do the Amelie thing, shall we?

So what did I find inside? The inside of the tin lid shows that it was originally used for shortbread before being turned into a sewing box. On opening the box and viewing the contents, I was faced with some Newey (great piece of history within the link) rust proof snap fasteners which had a handwritten price of 32 pence.

Underneath the snap fasteners are various spools of the thread. My favourites are the Swan tacking threads in green, blue, black and red.  I can't get enough of this thread (I have red, black and white in my own kit) being taught how to sew at school in the 1970's,  we always used to tack (baste) hems or seams in place using this thread before sewing the garment on the machine. This is something that I still do today, especially if a material is proving difficult to handle and pins are just complicating it more.

There is also one reel of elastic; Paul says "they use that in the top of your wool socks!!!!" I've never used it in a pair of socks I've made. Lol!

The other spools of thread are Sylko, Trylko and another called Molnlycke Goliath.

In keeping with the Vintage theme, I have one more box to show you next week, and this one is a biggie.

 Bye for now 

xoxo xoxo

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  1. I think it would have been rude not to buy that gorgeous yarn!! Loving the contents of the tin, I have a card of snaps that came from my Granny, and have been working my way through using them.


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