Sunday, November 27, 2016

A little pre-christmas treat anyone? From now until the 30th of November I am giving a cool 20% off to all customers who make a purchase from my store Made By Sun Rae. This offer includes bags, stitch markers and knitted items. 
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ways to Embrace Illness

 I'm slowly starting to feel a little Christmasy; the weather is getting colder, I've been making some cozy hats, wrapping up warm and drinking lots of piping hot chocolate.  I've also worn one of my Christmas jumpers for a special day at nursery.  But the one thing that is getting me excited about Christmas this year-I'm taking part in two swaps.  A Secret Santa Swap at work and a Stitching Santa Swap online.  I already know my work swap partner, and I've received my email from Sewchet telling me who my swap partner is online!! This is the first time I've taken part in this Stitching Santa Swap, and I'm so excited. I've been having a good look at all the blogs of the people participating and also stalking my swap partners blog to get some ideas.

What else have I been up to? I decided to subscribe to a craft box when I was off work poorly with an earache.  I had heard of the box a while back and did have a peek at it but never took the plunge.  Being ill kind of sealed the deal, you know needing a treat and a bit of cheering up.Lol! I initially thought I would just buy the Autumn Box and then cancel the direct debit, but this isn't going to happen now.  I was so impressed by the box contents (pattern book, crochet hook. yarn, sewing needle, ribbon, badge fittings, acorn stitch marker and squirrel badge) that I'm now thinking let's keep it up and see what the next few bring.  I was also quick of the mark and treated myself to the second book of Making called Fauna on the day it was released.  I missed the first books release and couldn't find a seller anywhere in the UK, so I made the decision to purchase it from abroad. The book arrived at the beginning of the week just past but I kept the viewing of it until this weekend; work was busy with a Care Inspectorate visit, and this was my treat for getting through it. I'm an oddball I know. 

I've also been busy, as I mentioned earlier, making hats.  Did you know Downton Abbey the TV series have their own yarn? I've never watched an episode even though I love period dramas and I'm probably way behind everyone else discovering the yarn.  I purchased a few different colours from Amazon, and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised.  The hat in the blog post is Hermione's Hat made in the Downton Abbey yarn named Matthew in the colourway Harvest Gold. This hat is going to be a firm favourite of mine for this winter; I can see me wearing it loads.  The second yarn I purchased at the same time is named Lady Mary; a gorgeous jewel red with silver strands running through it. This is also destined to be turned into a hat but nothing has jumped out at me pattern wise just yet.

Shop update:  Made by Sun Rae

I've added a few handknits for adults and children to my store and hope to add more in the following couple of days. Please pop over and have a look by clicking the link above or by using the Folksy button on the side-bar.

I will be back soon with some more goodies and news.  I'm going to go now and top up the bird feeders in the garden. Stay warm and be good to yourselves. 

Much love

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Yeeehaaaa! It's Halloween.

Today is Saturday, and I haven't moved from the couch all day. I've been knitting, playing fetch with my dog, opening squishy yarn parcels and watching Halloween films. Why? Because this week has been so hectic; I've been busy crafting since Wednesday in readiness for the nursery Halloween party.  Now, I thought about my costume a while back, and I knew for sure that I wasn't going to purchase it (past couple of years I have) as it was going to cost me a fortune, well £60 to be precise, and I thought 'Pfff! I could make it for less than that.' So I did. However, instead of starting the costume making a month ago, I did buy my hat and boots at that time, I left it to the last minute.  There I was on Wednesday night frantically cutting up cow print fabric for chaps and writing a shopping list for a man's shirt, fabric and other pieces for my O/H to purchase the following day. He meanwhile was stuck up the loft hunting through old trainer boxes looking for shoe laces for said chaps.  So you can imagine how frazzled I felt going to work on Thursday and how deflated I felt when I knew had to come home and do all the crafting again for the costumes shirt. Oh! And Paul thinking it was funny to say he had not got any of the stuff on my list. Normally I would've laughed at his little joke but being so tired I just wanted to poke him in the eye, but fortunately for him, he was driving at the time. Anyway, back to the shirt making.  As soon as I got in from work, I dumped my stuff and ran upstairs, I ripped open the bag and tried the shirt on, smart move me thinks.  Can you imagine making the whole thing and then realising the shirt is too small or too big. Then I spent half an hour staring at the yellow fabric and staring at the shirt thinking 'I'm so tired I can't do this!' Then another half an hour twisting and turning the shirt until my brain kicked in and a light bulb moment pinged in my head. I would trace the top half of the shirts collar, shoulder and arm shape and cut the fabric from the template. Only, problem I didn't have any tracing paper, so I ended up laying the fabric on the shirt and feeling my way around the seams and pinning as I went.  I even remembered (through my tiredness) to give myself a seam allowance for cutting the fabric out. Clever Squirrel! The rest of the evening was spent trying to keep my eyes open,  filling up spools of thread, cursing at my sewing machine, pricking my fingers with pins, crying at the ricrac ribbon moving around when I tried to make it into loops and lie flat and then frantically sewing on giant clown buttons.  I finally finished at 11pm; I was so tired I didn't even celebrate. All I could think as I stood in the bathroom brushing my teeth was, now I know how it feels to be a contender on The Great British Sewing Bee. Lol! After that, I collapsed into bed and conked out.

So, after all, my hard work the day of the nursery party came; I got up, showered and put on my costume.  I rushed out to the car as I didn't want my neighbours to see me.  I even managed to walk through the whole school and into the nursery without a soul seeing me. People gushed over my sewing skills, and the kids loved the outfit; I was known as Jessie from Toy Story for the whole day. And on leaving work everyone complimented me on my costume choice so I think it was a thoroughly worthwhile make all round.

                                                                            xoxo xoxo

p.s. Highlight of my day: Pixar liking my Jessie costume on Instagram.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pow! And my October holiday started with a bang.

I'm going to start this particular post with a story....Way back in 2000 my mum bought a video a very special video that most of us in my family adore, from the acting to the music it holds a special place in our hearts. Why I hear you ask? Well, when my nephew was about five years old he saw this film for the very first time, and whenever he visited my parent's house, this would be his film of choice. He would cosy up beside us, and he would watch it a couple of times through. On one particular day as he was visiting, we put the film on, but half way through my mum decided to make some tea. So, of course, I followed to have a natter, my mum asked my nephew if we should pause the film until we returned but he said no. So, off we went to make some tea and have a natter and on the way back to the living room my mum stopped and waved for me to come closer but to be quiet. As I peeked around the corner of the door frame, there was my little nephew doing a pirouette and then leaping through the air just like the actor in the film (yes, we've all been there, jumping off the sofa pretending to be Baby in Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze or my sister is going to catch you. Lol!)   Well, in an effort not to embarrass him my mum and I had to try and stifle our laugh and scurry back to the kitchen with scalding tea in our hands, and to this day he still doesn't know we saw him.   So when I heard a work colleague talking about said film as a musical, I thought 'Hmm! I wonder if I could get some tickets and surprise my mum.'  You see my mum, well, she's had a challenging year and had just been given the all clear in mid-September, so I thought what better way to celebrate than going to see this unique show on the year of my little nephews 21st birthday. You see that film on video that I was talking about earlier was none other than Billy Elliot. My mum and I went on Saturday just past to see it, and I'm still in awe. I want to cry and laugh at the same time (I'm crying* as I write this post, that's how much it's affected me.)  The show was incredible; the actors were magnificent, and I still can't believe that my mum and I have been to see Billy Elliot the Musical. How cool is that?

*With joy, I might add.

xoxo xoxo

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ten unexpected ways that handmade blankets can make your life better

  1. Keeps you warm during freezing Winter temps or unseasonably cold Spring weather.
  2. Great for cosying up in during movie night, or when getting your Daryl Dixon fix (The Walking Dead).
  3. Perfect comforter for when you feel sick.
  4. The best picnic blanket on earth.
  5. Makes a beautiful, memorable baby gift (you can personalise it too).
  6. It looks nice draped over your sofa or on your bed.
  7. Works well for blanket forts on rainy days.
  8. Gives a nice, comfortable, place to sit during outdoor events.
  9. Says, “I love you this much” when you're needing a cuddle or want to be alone.
  10. A great use for stress relief, snuggle underneath and melt your worries away while eating chocolate of course.
Brrr! I think Autumn is definitely here, the 22nd of September came with a freezing, biting wind and it's not left us.  I thought it would go for the weekend, but no, it hung around and brought miserable rainy, windy weather on Saturday. Saturday was the day we were going to go to Dobbies, but it didn't quite feel right, you know, walking around a garden centre when it's pouring with rain outside, even though we were going to have tea and some lunch while there. So we decided to stay in.  I pottered about knitting some mittens; Paul made me some French Toast (eggy bread) with his artwork drawn in ketchup. He always surprises me with little gems like this.  Then I hunted down some blanket squares from a swap,  I've had these in storage for a while. Maybe, I will put them together this year in time for Christmas, as a wee gift to me.  

Talking about Christmas, Paul and I have been talking about our one or two traditions we have for the festive period; making our mincemeat pies, going to the Christmas Market in Edinburgh, opening our presents while sipping or quaffing Bucks Fizz in our pyjamas and we thought, or I thought maybe we should add a few more traditions to carry over in the years to come.  But do you know what we just sat and looked at each other and couldn't think of anything, lol!  How sad is that? I think I might have to sleep on it or Google it; with the latter sounding very sad indeed. Hahaha!

Have a lovely weekend peeps!
xoxo xoxo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

End of an era

It's been four weeks since the new term started and boy it's been tough trying to get into a routine after eight weeks vacation. I've been able to complete just two new knitted garments in this time, a cardigan and a scarf.  I haven't been able to knit every day since returning to work, so I suppose it's better than nothing.  The garment in the photograph is Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnstone, and the other garment which will appear in a separate post once washed and blocked is Scroll Lace Scarf by Ysolda. The yarn used for Audrey is the discontinued yarn Jaeger Baby Merino 4ply which has been sitting in my stash for eternity and was bought from a store in Stirling called McAree Brothers.  Sadly they will be closing their doors next weekend after trading in the city since 1878.  How sad is that! Customers buy school uniforms, have badges embroidered; they sell wool, sewing equipment, craft items; you name it they source what you need. I'm not sure of the circumstances of their closure, but there are rumblings that the Council keep raising the unit rates, and businesses are struggling to keep up.  A very sorry state of affairs, you would think an institution that has been trading for that length of time would be given some leeway.  Anyway,  I can't talk about it any longer as I'm so gobsmacked that they won't be there anymore. So, back to the cardigan pattern, it's wonderful to knit up and easy to follow, my only gripe- I wish the lace part was bigger.  I got a bit bored with all the stockinette stitch but loved the twisted rib on the waist and cuffs and the i-cord bind off around the neck. I can't wait to block this beauty and wear it when the weather turns colder.

Talking about the weather, I've been in the garden a few times since returning to work.  I've been busy prepping for the Autumn and clearing down spent plants; taking cuttings, harvesting seeds and looking after plants that will live until Winter. I think this year I've excelled myself; my garden has given me a lot of work and joy this year not only in display; colour but in produce too. My carrots are still growing, so I've just been picking ones that are a decent size. I've had a fairly good crop and will be planting these, peas and potatoes next year.

                                                                         xoxo xoxo

Sunday, September 04, 2016

We Have Some Winners

Yes, plural. My competition ended at midnight last night; there were a couple of glitches with comments at the beginning; I had the settings turned to Google comments only. Also, my blog is turning ten years old in 24 days time so what better way to celebrate than by honouring a bag to the three people who took the time to comment.  The bags gifted will be the gorgeous ones chosen in your post.  Congratulations guys I hope you like them.  Can you please message me your details either through Ravelry, Facebook or email so I can get them sent to you as soon as possible.

                                                              xoxo xoxo