Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We'll Meet Again One Day Pupnick!


Quite a lot of crafting has been taking place over the past couple of months. I find that when I am stressed I either turn to my knitting or sewing as a kind of comfort. Why am I stressed? Last November my little boy Dogman needed an emergency appointment at the vets, let's just say he wasn't quite himself and I knew there was something wrong. Our fears proved to be correct when on the same day we were told that Chievs (Dogman) had testicular cancer and that it would have to be removed the following morning. The very same day we brought him home and we nursed him back to full health.

Then in December my other half Paul was involved in a car accident which saw his car totalled when a set of workmen's ladders came flying off their van at 60mph and straight through his car.  If the wind had not pulled the ladders down the police reckon Paul wouldn't be here today. Thankfully Paul didn't suffer any physical damage, just cognitive in the form of reliving the experience and being later diagnosed as suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Christmas arrived and we celebrated it fully and were thankful that we had made it through all the horribleness practically unscathed. Chievs (Dogman) seemed to return to full health only to experience a few minor health glitches in January and February; losing some fur, then being diagnosed with kidney disease. Tablets seemed to stabilise his condition for a while, but, then in March he seemed to be slowing down. He wasn't enjoying his walks, his eating became erratic, so we scheduled another vet appointment. More tablets were given for his condition and they seemed to work, we did notice that he was urinating more and he was having more toilet accidents in the house; we thought it was the tablets. Then one day as we were grooming him we found a solid area in his stomach, near his right hind leg. Again another appointment was scheduled with the vet and this time we were given two possible scenarios, it could be he has an infection or it could be lymphoma. Blood tests and an x-ray were scheduled and on the 27th of March 2014 I rushed home from work to meet with the vet. We were ushered into a room and told our little furry boy had lymphoma and it was spreading through his body rapidly, we were also told he was in a lot of pain and that it would be better for us to have him put to sleep. We were advised to take our little boy home for one night to care for, pamper and tell him we love him.

Paul stayed up with Chievs all night and in the morning we made him a special breakfast, we took him for his last family walk. Then at  8.45am on the 28th of March 2014, our boy died in our arms. We brought him home together and it only seemed right that we said goodbye together. Our little furry boy was so very much loved and wanted, that the pain we feel from losing him at times is unbearable. We loved you so much Chievs, that's why we couldn't bear to watch you suffer, we wanted you to run free and be happy.

                                                    Chievo Chalmers 21/09/2003-28/03/2014 

                                                 We'll meet you again one day Pupnick, I promise.

                                                      Love from your human mummy and daddy

                                                                                God Bless


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Test Knit-Hortencia

A few weeks ago I was sent an email from Andi Satterlund of Untangling Knots requesting my skills as a test knitter for a new cardigan pattern. Well who was I to refuse, I just love Andi's patterns so I jumped at the chance to help out. This pattern is called Hortencia  "(a)  sophisticated and simple...easy to knit seamless cardigan"  (Satterlund: 2013) My version is knit in Winter Berry Cascade 220. I still need to finish the left arm and  block the garment, but this is the cardi so far.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mitten Knitting Mission

 photo Veyla2_zps7ca260ec.jpg

I have had a wonderful weekend, one of the best in a long time. Think it was because someone upset me on Friday with their incompetence and I took the decision to sort out the problem myself, and felt satisfied and more relaxed that I did so,  that's the perfectionist in me talking, oops!  So to allow me to get over my little upset I watched the Tim Burton Animation called 'Frankenweenie' (I'm a big fan of his animations with 'A Corpse Bride' being one of my favourites) whilst knitting some mittens. Mittens that had been sitting in my queue forever; Suzi's Gloves, and today I decided to put my needles to work and knit them. I think I’m on a mitten knitting mission as I have just finished one mitten pattern Veyla, and now I've jumped straight onto another pattern. I've always liked this pattern but just never got round to making them, so when I came up with the perfect yarn; Rowan 4ply fine I knew it was about time I made them. However, I didn't read the pattern through before starting them and as soon as I cast on amount required I noticed the pattern was knit in the flat. I didn't like this one bit so I didn’t go with it,  I decided to knit them in the round only because I thought it would give a better finish and because I'm lazy, I really didn't fancy seaming them. I did, however, knit the thumb flat and then seamed it. I have found sometimes knitting thumbs in the round causes some gaping, between the thumb and index finger,  but knitting it flat and picking up the stitches at the base to continue in the round has somehow given the area a wonderful finish. I also decided to use pearl beads in the centre as I did not have any flower buttons to hand.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Oh! How I've missed you knitting.

After all the studying, writing essays and attending placement for my college course, I have finally found the time to return to some of my hobbies and some much needed care of my home. Paul and I have spent a lovely couple of very busy weeks on the gardening front, where we have managed to turn our back garden shell into something more respectable, just by laying turf and setting up a slabbed floor (latter all Pauls'doing) for a new craft shed to be erected. With so much time on my hands I have managed to pick up the needles again and cast on 3 different projects,one of which is pictured at the top of this post. This is called Hetty and is a test knit for Andi Satterlund over at Untangling Knots. I'm not sure when the pattern will be available to buy, but I can say it's a wonderful knit and very addictive, it took me no time at all to make. I used the yarn suggested by Andi;Berroco Blackstone Tweed in plum, a yarn I had never used before. I was concerned it was going to be too heavy and hot to knit with, the weather has been extremely clammy, but do you know it has no real weight at all, it's very light and quite deceiving. Anyway, enough wittering, the buttons are my own selection and are from the Rowan range purchased from my local yarn store. The other piece of knitting is part of a swap I'm involved in with the forum Pheonix Knitting.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Spoils of Success!

Yesterday was the  final day of  my school placement and what a brilliant last day it was.  I knew it was going to be action packed but never thought for one moment I would be striking some mean moves and attitude in a Hip Hop class, or sliding down the chutes with the children at Kidzworld. The fun did not stop there though we had a picnic in the local park and then headed back to school for music and outside Golden Time. In between the children sang a song  to say goodbye to me they chose 'How much is that doggy in the window' because of my big dog chievs lol. I also received two awards from the headteacher for all my hard work and achieving an 'A' in my Graded Unit, he was over the moon and shook my hand in front of all the teaching staff.    * blush*

Large card with individual artwork pockets

Children's artwork

The message from the class

My Head teacher Award

My sticker for being a top student

My beautiful gifts

The beautiful card message

The gifts consisted of perfume, chocolates and a gorgeous piggy lunch bag. One of my assessments whilst in attendance was to compile a story sack from a traditional story, I chose 'The Three Little Pigs'. (I will post pictures in my next post). 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Happiest Day of my Life!


 In 2011 when I announced to my  G.P. and Psychotherapist that I wanted to go to college they both looked at me as though I was mad.  I was in the middle of receiving treatment for (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and not in a very good place,  I lost my job and became a recluse,  I locked myself away as I didn't know how to face my illness, let alone the world.    They told me that I wasn't ready for the pressure that a course would put on my body and brain and dismissed my wish as stupid.  I didn't listen to them, and today at  9.50am  I received the news and confirmation that my two years of hard-work,  no social life and my head jammed in books had finally paid off because today I qualified as an:

Early Years Practitioner 

And to top it off,  just like my course last year I have come out with an "A"  for my Graded Unit. A unit that caused me lots of anxiety "why?" because  I was terrified of  it.  I had never carried out any kind of research let alone put questionnaires, surveys and interviews together, but I tried my best and studied  what I needed to know, and it worked.  

I can't even remember being handed the piece of paper with my grade on it. My lecturer just sat and stared at me as I tried to take in what she had handed me.  She then burst out laughing at my reaction, which I have to admit took about 2 minutes to come,   I sat with wide eyes then a huge grin came over my lips and the words 'Really, are you sure?  I've passed.'  Then she winked and said 'Most definitely, well done.' 

So here I am at 16.30  telling the world and to be honest  I'm still kind of gob-smacked and dazed but you know what?

I did it!